Statement on Myocarditis and COVID-19 Vaccines  
Schedule a COVID test in our office by calling 317-621-9000 weekdays.
Schedule COVID-19 vaccine for teens age 12 and older by visiting 
Get Medical Advice:  Helpful resources to help you know how to best care for your child.

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If you have a non urgent question or a request that is general in nature please use the form below.  Expect a response within 1 business day (Monday - Friday).

FORMS: To expendite return of ALL forms, please complete the sections pertaining to your child, then email the form direct to [email protected]. We will complete the form and return to you via secure email. Include in your email your cell phone number in case we have questions.

If you have a question that requires speaking with a nurse to discuss your child's medical condition, please call Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30-1:00pm.  
If you are calling after 1:00pm Mon-Fri and your child is ill, we can schedule an appointment to address your child's healthcare needs.  Appointment line is 317-621-9000. We also offer walk-in clinics on the weekends for ill children.

Sat:        Castleton location from 8:30-10:00am
Sun:       146th location from 4:30pm-6:00pm
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