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To expedite the return of your form, complete the sections about your child, then email the form to [email protected] OR use the UPLOAD FILE button below the Patient Information boxes below. 

To send multiple pages, use a scanner app on the APP Store or Google Play.  Scan your documents with your device, then upload the one file here.   We will complete the form[s] and return them via secure email.  If emailing the form, please include your cell phone number so we can call you if we have any questions.


  • Please use the form below if you have a non-urgent question or request.  Requests will be addressed within one business day [no weekends or holidays].
  • If you need at-home care advice, visit our searchable mobile app NP PEDS MD, featuring a tile menu for easy access to answers on behavior concerns, COVID-19, common child illnesses, medication dosing charts, and dozens of other topics.   

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