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Well Child Checkups

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child visit their pediatrician for regularly scheduled checkups.  These checkups, usually called "well baby" or "well child" visits, allow the pediatrician to observe and assess your child's health and development.

Importance of Checkup Appointments

Adapted from The National Library of Medicine's Medical Encyclopedia

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change.  Our doctors or nurse practitioners will give you information about normal development, nutrition, sleep, safety, how to help your child stay well, and other important information.  For infants, we pay special attention to whether or not your baby has met typical developmental milestones.

Well-child visits are an excellent time to discuss your child's growth and development in general.  You will find that you can make the most of these visits by writing down questions and concerns as you think of them before the visit and bringing them with you.

Essential Health Screenings Are Done at Wellness Exams (PDF)
Vision, Hearing, Lead, Developmental, Urinalysis, and Depression Screening


After Baby is Born

After your baby is born, please call our office when you know the day your baby will be discharged from the hospital.  We will schedule the first visit 7-10 days from discharge.  Many babies will require a visit 2-3 days after discharge if weight gain or jaundice is a concern.  After your baby's 7-10 day appt, we will schedule well-child visits per the schedule below.  

NOTE: After the 6-month visit, we begin scheduling checkups three (3) months in advance.

We encourage you to call us or schedule visits whenever your baby or child seems ill or when you are concerned about your baby's health or development.