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Adolescence can be a challenging time.

The teenage years are a time of excitement but also challenges. Your child is developing an identity, beginning to spend more and more time with friends, and facing some difficult choices on their own. Don’t worry; your help as a parent is needed just as much as it was in the toddler years.

Stay informed on topics that relate to your teen so you can be there when they need you:

+ Acne Treatment
   We treat acne right here in our office!
   Types of treatments
Zits are the Pits
   How parents can get help treating acne

Sports Injuries
   Action to take when a sports injury occurs

+ Preteen and Teen Vaccine Information
   Information on specific vaccines for the teen years

+ Text Messaging Safety Opens in a new window
Behind the Wheel
   Helping teens become safe drivers

+ Nutrition Opens in a new window
   Good eating habits for teens
Tanning Beds
   Safety Information for Parents
+ Asthma
   Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

+ Substance Abuse Opens in a new window
   Prepare your kids to refuse offers of alcohol and other drugs
Drug Abuse Prevention Starts with Parents
   Learning how to talk with kids about difficult topics
When Teens Use Drugs-Taking Action
   Suggestions on where to get help
Talking to Teens About Drugs and Alcohol

Mental Health and Teens
   Watch for Danger Signs
Next Stop Adulthood
   Tips For Parents
   Describes the development of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social
Information for Teens What You Need to Know About Privacy
   Who do you talk with when you need advice about your health and personal life
+ Cyberbullying-Tips for Teens (PDF)
   What to do if you are bullied and how to prevent it

Adolescent and Young Adolescent Health Center (Community Health Network)
   Sexuality, reproductive services
Adolescent Sexuality
   Talk the Talk Before They Walk the Walk
Effective Birth Control for Sexually Active Teens
   Educating Your Teen about Birth Control
Deciding to Wait
Dating Violence
    Tips for Parents








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