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Hospital, Office Visits, Labs, Vaccines and Health Screenings

Newborn Hospital Charges

Newborn Coverage is NOT automatic. Most insurance plans only allow 30 days after the baby's birth to add your newborn to the policy. Please call your benefits department or insurance company to add your baby to the policy. We will file hospital charges to your insurance company after you have provided proof of insurance coverage and your child's eligibility has been verified.

Office Visits

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics SCHEDULE OF VISITS FOR ROUTINE WELL CHILD CARE. NOTE: This schedule may not be the same as your insurance company's.

Lab Work

Please be familiar with your policy and advise us where we should direct you for lab work if your insurance does not permit these services to be performed at MidAmerica Clinical Laboratories.

Where to Obtain Vaccines

If your insurance policy does not cover vaccines, Northpoint physicians recommend the Public Health Department, where vaccines are available at nominal or no cost.

Health Screenings (Vision, Hearing, Lead, Developmental, Urinalysis, Depression)

All services are separate from the exam and have separate fees. Many insurance plans require that their members use specialists, laboratories, and outpatient facilities that they have contracts with. Please be familiar with your policy and advise us where we should direct you for additional tests, screening, or procedures if your insurance does not permit those tests to be performed in the office setting.

Combined Wellness and Ill Visits

Northpoint Pediatrics physicians follow the AMA CODING AND DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES.  If your child comes in for a well child visit, but in the course of this routine visit, “an abnormality(ies) is encountered, or a preexisting problem is addressed,” the appropriate office/outpatient problem-oriented evaluation and management, E/M service will be coded in addition to the preventive code; which may result in additional charges.  Examples would be patients with asthma and ADD/ADHD coming in for a well-child exam.

We have two certified professional coders on staff who are credentialed with the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL CODERS.  We routinely perform audits to ensure we are coding correctly.

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