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We offer several special services to help with your children’s overall health.

Click each topic for more information. Call our office at 317-621-9000 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

Walk-In Clinic

Walk-In Clinic for Sick Kids 

Prompt care for acute illness. Learn when you should use the walk-in clinic for sick kids.

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Routine Services

Routine Services

Regular wellness checkups and screenings are routine but important. We have you covered.

+ Annual Checkups
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Acne Care

Acne Care

Acne is stressful for teens. It can affect how they see themselves and interact with others.

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+ WHY We Treat Acne
+ HOW We Treat Acne

Asthma Care

Undiagnosed or undertreated asthma can cause long-term lung problems.

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Breastfeeding Help

The breastfeeding experience should be enjoyable and successful for both the mother and newborn child.

+ Breastfeeding Support
+ What You Need to Know to  Breastfeed Successfully

Sports Services

When your child is ready to play a sport, make Northpoint a key part of your team.

+ Sports Physicals
+ IHSAA Form