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Sports Physicals

Many middle and high school sports programs require an Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) form completed and on file prior to participation in school sports.

  • If your child has had a well-child checkup AFTER April 1st  we can complete the IHSAA form with no appointment needed. To find out when your child’s last checkup was please call our office at 317-621-9000. Download the formcomplete the parent portion, and fax the form to 317-621-9190.  Our office staff will call you when we receive the form to collect the $5 form fee. The form will be completed within 1 week and returned to you by fax or mail.
  • If your child has had a well-child checkup PRIOR TO to April 1st but within the last 12 months we can schedule a sport physical (abbreviated well-child checkup) and complete the IHSAA form at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: Scheduling your childs annual Well Child appointment after April 1 will eliminate the need for coming in for two physical exams in one year.

Call 317-621-9000

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