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COVID Vaccine Information

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The CDC recommends the COVID-19 vaccine for children 6 months through 5 years of age.  Northpoint Pediatrics does not currently offer the vaccine but has the following recommendations:

  • Schedule the COVID-19 vaccine for ages 6 months and older by visiting https://vaccine.coronavirus.in.gov/ 
  • Fishers Health Department has started administering the vaccine.  Please call 317-537-0500 to schedule; self-schedule is not currently available.
  • Indiana State Department of Health advises you to call 211 or go to ourshot.in.gov to find out about vaccine availability for your child's age and to schedule an appointment.
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 Your Northpoint Pediatrician's Positon on Covid Vaccine + Helpful Advice

COVID-19 Vaccine – Get Your COVID-19 Shot and a Booster Shot:
•    Vaccines have saved more lives than any other public health action. They are the most powerful weapon we have against deadly infectious diseases. Follow the science.

•    Safe and effective vaccines are now available for people aged 6 months and older.

•    Get your COVID-19 vaccine and a booster. It could save your life and protect your family.

•    Vaccine Sites: Schedule COVI-19 vaccines by visiting https://vaccine.coronavirus.in.gov/

Keep Your Body Strong
•    Get your body ready to fight the COVID-19 virus.
•    Get enough sleep (very important).
•    Keep your heart strong. Walk or exercise every day. Take the stairs. Caution: avoid physical exhaustion.
•    Stay well-hydrated.
•    Eat healthy meals. Avoid overeating to deal with your fears.
•    Avoid the over-use of anti-fever medicines. Fever fights infections and ramps up your immune system.