EFFECTIVE NOW: Due to the current increase in respiratory illnesses, Community Health Network has returned to a masking mandate in the hospital and any other CHN buildings where medical care is delivered.  This includes both buildings where we have our offices.  
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Billing, Insurance and Payment

Our goal is to ensure your family receives the highest quality of care and the best patient experience from start to finish. We have a professionally trained patient account team that will take care of your family from check in to check out, as well as all of your billing and coding needs.  

If you have specific questions, contact us at 317-621-9183 or email us

Make a Payment Using Your Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card

Finance with CareCredit
CareCredit offers convenient financing options to pay medical bills.

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Good-faith Estimates for Non-Emergency Services

A patient may at any time ask Northpoint Pediatrics for an estimate of the amount the patient will be charged by Northpoint Pediatrics for non-emergency medical services provided at a Northpoint Pediatrics office. The law requires that the estimate be provided within 5 business days.

The price estimate we will provide is based on the most common or average charge amount. However, because of unexpected circumstances or additional services, this is an estimate and cannot be guaranteed as a final bill.

For more information contact Northpoint Pediatrics Billing Office at 317-621-9183 or email us.

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