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Payment Options, Past Due Balances and Collection Accounts

Payment Options

Our patient account department is here to help you set up payment arrangements if needed.  We will extend payment options allowing you to pay your balance over a maximum of 90 days.  Failure to make payments as agreed will void the agreement, and normal collection processes will occur. 

Should you need additional time to take care of a balance, please get in touch with our patient account department at 317-621-9183 to discuss options.


Other convenient financing options are available through CareCredit.  Please check CareCredit for details and to apply.

Past Due Balances

If your account balance is 90 days (3 months) past the due date, it may be turned over to our collection agency, and your doctor will request that your family seek medical care elsewhere.

Collection Accounts

If your account is turned over to our collection agency, Receivable Recovery Partners, you will be responsible for all reasonable collection fees, attorney fees, plus any applicable court costs.