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Acne Care

Have you tried everything to help your child have clear skin?

We aim to help your teen obtain the complexion they want and deserve. Acne treatment is a stepwise approach that requires much patience and commitment from both the parent and the patient.

Medications can be added or discontinued based on individual results. Follow-up visits are required to help determine the best combination of medicines for each patient. We will ask the patient to 'grade' their skin condition at each visit.

The quest for better skin must be a team effort with input from the patient and your Northpoint medical team.  Acne is stressful for teens. It can affect how adolescents see themselves and interact with others. At Northpoint, we aim to care for all aspects of our patients physically and psychologically.

We've had great success changing poor complexions into clear ones and treating acne because we cater the treatment to the individual patient's needs. Once the 'recipe' is written right, it will be good for years!  

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