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Flu Vaccine Information

Did you know?

What do I need to do before my appointment time?

Review the vaccine checklist questions and vaccine information statement below before the day of your child's flu vaccine appointment. Following these guidelines will help us get you in and out of your appointment as quickly as possible.

To keep phone lines open for parents with ill children to call in - send your questions on flu vaccine by email to [email protected]. ❤️



FOR THE 2022-2023 FLU SEASON - Frequently Asked Flu Questions

1.  Who should receive the Flu vaccine?
Annual vaccination of all children aged six months and older is recommended.  NOTE: The flu vaccine is contraindicated in children with an allergy to eggs, children with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome, and children who have had a severe reaction after a dose of the flu vaccine. 

2.  Can children under six months of age receive a flu shot?
No, they cannot receive the vaccine until they are six months of age. 

3.   I would like a preservative-free vaccine for my child; is this possible?
Yes, all of our injectable flu vaccines are preservative-free, quadrivalent (contains four strains of flu protection), and egg-free. 

4.  Can my child get the flu shot at their check-up scheduled for this fall?
Yes, PENDING AVAILABILITY, your child will be able to get their flu shot at their check-up this fall.  We will administer the flu vaccine this fall until we are out of supply. 

5.  Will you be offering the FluMist vaccine this season, and who can receive it?
FluMist, the intranasal flu vaccine, can be given to healthy children two years and older.  FluMist is contraindicated in children with an allergy to eggs, children receiving aspirin-containing therapy, children with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome, and children with known or suspected immune deficiency. FluMist should NOT be administered to patients with a history of asthma, active wheezing, or children under five years of age with recurrent wheezing. FluMist is NOT an Egg Free Product.

6.  Who needs to get a second dose of the flu vaccine?

  • Children aged six months through eight years having received two doses of the influenza vaccine before July 1, 2022, will only need one dose of the 2022-2023 influenza vaccine this year.
  • Children aged six months through eight years having received 0 or 1 dose of the influenza vaccine before July 1, 2022, will need two doses of the 2022-2023 flu vaccine this year. 

    NOTE:  The interval between the two doses MUST be 28 days apart.  Two doses are recommended even if your child turns nine years between receiving the 1st and 2nd doses.

7.  Will my insurance pay for the Flu vaccine?
Every insurance policy varies.  Please check your benefits or contact your insurance company before the service to determine if Flu shots are covered.  If you have any questions about your insurance or the vaccine cost, feel free to call our patient account department at 317-621-9183, or you can email your question

8.   2022-2023 FLU Vaccine Offsite Options where NO written prescription is needed!

  • Hamilton County Board of Health:  6 months and older  Call 317-776-8500 to schedule
  • Fisher's Health Department:  6 months and older  Call 317-537-0500 to schedule
  • Dr. Aziz: 6 months and older  (all patients are seen thru the clinic) 
  • Marion County Health Dept:  6 months and older  Call 317-221-2000 for a clinic location near you.
  • Kroger Little Clinic: 1 year and older 
  • CVS Minute Clinic: 18 months and older 
  • Walgreens Pharmacy: 3 yrs and older 
  • CVS Pharmacy: 3 yrs and older 
  • Walmart: 11 yrs and older