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Development - ASQ

We ask parents to complete developmental questionnaires before their child’s nine month and 30 month (2 ½  year) checkups. While we discuss, observe and screen development at every checkup, these ages can be especially crucial for identifying any problems. The questionnaires give us, and you, a standardized way of checking specific skills. Bring the completed forms to the visit so we can score and discuss them*.

We do not expect that every answer will be a “yes”. This is a screening tool and not a diagnostic test, so if your child’s scores fall in the lower area, it does not mean he/she is definitely delayed. For borderline scores, we may request you also complete the form at the 12 month checkup. If scores are low or there are other concerns about development, we will likely refer your child for further testing through the Indiana First Steps program. Early diagnosis and treatment of developmental delays usually improves outcomes. See Ages and Stages and First Steps for more information.

*To request copies of the form, email us and ask for an Ages and Stages form.  When sending email tell us the name and age of your child so we can send correct form to you via email.