We have flu vaccine available for children 6 months and older. Call 317-621-9000 to schedule.  CLICK HERE for more information.

MyVaxIndiana Program

MyVaxIndiana is a new program that is being launched through the Indiana State Health Dept.  This program only applies to patients that have received their immunizations through the Public Health Department or have gone to a previous practice that uses this program. 

Northpoint does not upload vaccines received in our office to the MyVaxIndiana web site; therefore, we will NOT be generating a PIN number for our patients. We can, however, obtain the record of any vaccines you may obtain from the State Department of Health and enter them into your child's electronic health record here at Northpoint Pediatrics.


You may continue to request immunization records from our office that should be the most up to date available.  You can easily obtain your complete immunization record from us either by requesting a copy of your immunization records at your scheduled well child checkup, or by e-mail or fax. 

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