Breastfeeding Help

If you choose to breastfeed your new baby, we can help you experience enjoyable and successful feedings. Below is a list of helpful things to know if breastfeeding is going well, and warning signs to look for to know when it is not.

Breastfeeding is going well if:

  • Your baby is breastfeeding at least eight times in 24 hours
  • Your baby has at least six wet diapers every 24 hours
  • Your baby has at least four bowel movements every 24 hours
  • You can hear your baby gulping or swallowing at feeds
  • Your breasts feel softer after a feed
  • Your nipples are not painful
  • Breastfeeding is an enjoyable experience

Call us if:

  • Your baby is having fewer than six wet diapers a day by the sixth day of age
  • Your baby is still having meconium (black, tarry stools) on the fourth day of age or is having fewer than four stools by the sixth day of age
  • Your milk supply is full but you don't hear your baby gulping or swallowing frequently during breastfeeding
  • Your nipples are painful throughout the feed
  • Your baby seems to be breastfeeding "all the time"
  • You don't feel that your breasts are full and excreting milk by the fifth day
  • Your baby is a "sleepy, good baby" and is hard to wake for feedings

For additonal help call for an appointment with one of our lactation experts:

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