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Payment Plans, Past Due Balances and Collection Accounts

Payment Plans

Our patient account department is here to help you set up payment arrangements if needed. We will extend payment contracts that will allow you to pay your balance in full over a maximum of 90 days. Payment contracts will be mailed to you with the details discussed and agreed to. Please sign and return the payment contract with your first payment. We will keep debit or credit card information on file to auto debit your contracted amount on the 15th of each month. Payment plans will incur finance charges of 8% APR. Please contact our patient account department at 317-621-9183.

Should you need additional time to take care of a balance, we have made arrangements with American Financial Credit Services to monitor all payment plans extending past 90 days. A $15 processing fee will be charged by Northpoint Pediatrics to send your account to the credit agency. AFCS will add an additional 15% of the balance as a fee to monitor the plan along with finance charges of 8% APR. Failure to make timely payments to AFCS will result in the account being converted to a collection account and discharge of the patient from the practice.  You will then be responsible for all reasonable attorney fees, plus any applicable court cost.

Past Due Balances

If your account balance is 90 days (3 months) past the due date and is not on a signed payment plan, your doctor will request that your family seek medical care elsewhere.

Collection Accounts

American Financial Credit Services will add an additional 30% of the balance as a fee for all collection accounts. You will be responsible for all reasonable attorney fees, plus any applicable court cost.

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