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Request RX Refill

Prescription refill requests are processed during office hours Monday through Friday. Please plan ahead when requesting your refills so you do not run out of important medications. Whenever possible request a needed refill during an office visit with your primary care provider or use one of the options below:

1.  On line refill request

2.  Telephone Refill Request

Call 317-621-9000 and choose option 4 and leave your request on the voicemail. For a refill requested prior to 1:30 pm, please allow us until the end of the same business day to complete your request. For a refill requested after 1:30 pm, please allow us until the end of the following business day. For controlled medications, please allow seven days to process your request.

When calling the Refill Line, please leave all important information (found on your prescription bottle) including:

  • Say and spell your child's first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Name of medication
  • Dosage and strength
  • Pharmacy's name and phone number
  • Your return phone number

Also leave a brief description of how your child is doing on this medication, especially if a new medication, or if you have any concerns.

3.  Mail Order Refill Requests

In addition to the information listed on this page, please leave pertinent insurance ID numbers and the name and fax number of your mail order pharmacy.

ADHD Medication Refills

Controlled medications such as ADD meds (Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, etc) must be refilled monthly. They cannot be called in to a pharmacy. These prescriptions MUST be signed by your child's primary care provider and can be picked up or mailed to you within 1 week of your request (allow three to four additional days for mail). Your child will need to have a current "medication follow up" visit as directed by your doctor.

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