Prenatal Appointments - FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

before baby is born
  • Is it a requirement to schedule a prenatal appointment before choosing a pediatrician?
    The answer is no. Some parents prefer to meet the pediatrician while others feel comfortable with a recommendation from their friend, family or OB/GYN. Many of our parents have enjoyed watching the video biographies of our pediatricians.  Watch the videos
  • Can I pre-register my baby with the pediatrician I choose?
    Yes!  You can pre-register your baby by calling us at 317-621-9000 or coming in for a prenatal appointment.
  • What happens at a prenatal appointment? 
    The prenatal appointment is a great opportunity to ask your own specific questions, learn more about the pediatrician and meet some of the staff. 
  • Does Northpoint accept my insurance plan?  Check out the list  
after baby is born
  • How does the hospital know who my pediatrician is? 
    If you deliver at Community Hospital North (CHN) let them know you have selected a pediatrician from Northpoint. Our pediatricians will be in to see your baby each day they are in the hospital.  If you deliver at a hospital other than Community, the common process is for that hospital to assign a pediatrician on their staff to see your baby while in the hospital. Let them know you are following up with us after you leave the hospital.
  • How do I schedule my first few appointments? 
    As soon as you have received the discharge orders from the doctor and know what day your baby is leaving the hospital, call us to schedule the first appointments. Have your insurance card ready when you call so we can call your insurance company to verify benefits for your baby. 
  • What occurs at the first appointment?  
    Typically we will see the baby in the office 24-48 hours after they have been discharged.  This first appointment is to check the baby’s weight and/or bilirubin to make sure the baby is gaining weight and is not jaundiced.  If this time frame falls on a weekend – you come see us at our weekend clinic! We are open 7 days a week.   Saturdays we are open 8:30 am-10:00 am at our Castleton office, 8101 Clearvista Parkway, Suite 185, Indianapolis, 46256.  Sundays we are open 4:30 pm-6:00 pm at our Noblesville office, 9669 E 146th St, Suite 300, Noblesville, 46060.  Come 10 minutes early and knock on the door if it’s not unlocked yet.  We want to get your newborn checked in and back in an exam room before the weekend clinic opens.
  • What if I have a routine question after I take my baby home?
    Our Kids Health Advice Line for routine questions is available weekdays from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. 

    If we haven’t answered all of your questions call us at 317-621-9000, we are happy to help!