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Helping our children today and tomorrow

For too long, medical practices for children have come from research studies on adults. But just because it works for adults, does not mean it will work in the same way for kids. Researchers note that 1 in 20 children participating in medical research is not enough to maintain progress with vaccines, medicines, and tests that could save children’s lives. Today we understand that the best way to learn about children’s diseases and cures is to study children.

Research: For Parents

For Parents

The more we learn about how treatments work on children, the better we can treat childhood diseases.

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Research: For Sponsors

For Sponsors

We firmly believe in the value of pediatric research and would love to talk to you about your research opportunities.

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Northpoint Pediatrics has been involved in clinical research studies for children since 2009.

The studies in which we participate answer specific questions about new medications, vaccinations, devices and therapies – so they are more effective. Our clinical trials explore new ways of using existing treatments – so that we can better treat childhood diseases. Our research studies collect data from patient health records to discover trends or treatment outcomes – helping us take better care of our children.

In short, clinical research helps us help children.

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L. Louise Tetrick, MD, FAAPL. Louise Tetrick

Principal Investigator

Carmen Leavitt, MACarmen Leavitt, MA

Clinical Research Supervisor

Linda Kortanek

Executive Practice Director

Learn more about Children and Clinical Studies

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    Research Overview
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    Important Criteria
  • Why should you participate?
    Why Participate?
  • What to Expect
    What to Expect
  • Benefits: An opportunity to make children safer
    Benefits for Children
Clinical Research

You can make a difference in the life of a child.

DR. LOUISE TETRICK is the Principal Investigator on all studies.

Call our research department with any questions
(317) 621-9199